Letter from the Editor Issue 1

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Letter from the Editor


Hello and welcome to the Vape exhibition edition of the highly anticipate Vapour Times!
There has been a great deal of excitement and the eagerly awaited Vapour Times has now been launched.
We aim to bring you news of what is new in the vaping world so our readers are always one step ahead.
We are the most current magazine on the market bringing you the newest innovations to the forefront.

We provide a unique platform for companies to effectively promote their hardware, E-liquids, CBD and other vape related products. This month brings the London Vape Jam which as always is jammed packed with the latest mods, the newest liquid flavours bursting onto the scenes. It’s always an exciting event and we hope to see you there.
In this edition, we’ve also given reviews for the latest trends in hardware and answered those common questions about what’s the best mods, coils, and devices for different situations.
With the ever-increasing number of new liquids on the market, it’s always difficult for the consumer to know what’s hot, which one packs the most flavour and what’s is on trend. We’ve done all the hard work for you so sit back and enjoy!

A big thanks to everyone involved in the production of Vapour Times Happy Vaping!

Annemarie Cohen: Editor

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